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I was wondering around how to log in to my desktop Windows XP workstation via the Console Mode (eg. to connect to the session that you see on the screen) by using the Remote Destkop Client application by Microsoft. It was so simple, so here is my 2 cents solution: 1) Save a new connection setting under the ~/Documents folder (for example name it MyConnection) You can set up the srceen detail and other settings in the GUI, but unfortunately not the Console mode. 2) Locate this file with Finder, right click and select Open With..., then use TextEdit to open the file. 3) Simply insert the following line to the end of the file: connect to console:i:1 4) Save the file and load Remote Desktop Client, and now you can controll your terminal! :)

Yesterday, I had a strong urge to try out Mono on Mac. I found the official Mono bundle in dmg format on the mono site. I'm a bit disappointed, that Stable packages are usually not available for the Mac while they're done on other platforms, you need to wait weeks for implementation. But the worst is, that you need to install all other applications either from Source or by Fink. Anyway I successfully installed XSP and now I can deploy ASP.Net applications as well, but a workaround is needed, because somehow mod_mono is working completely insane under OS X...:
- start XSP on port something like 8080
- start Apache on port 80
- create a Virtual Host on Apache as a proxy for port 8080
- voila, you now have a fully configured Virtual Server for XSP ;]
I tried to install Gtk# as well, but the Fink died out - possibly there is an error on my side by upgrading to Tiger sometime ago. I'm truly waiting for the Quartz implementation! Woohoo! No need for X11 ;)

I had some spare time, and I spent it for observing my Appleware :) I successfuly disassemled my Powerbook - very nice inside - and my iPod - second gen 15G too, which I bought in London, last year. I'm heavily thinking on replacing the hard disks. I haven't find the exact id of the Powerbook hard disk on the net, so i publish it here: it's a Toshiba HDD2189 60GB disk. The iPod has a custom series like disk, i haven't find any info on it (neither on - it's a Toshiba MK1504GAL. I already have storage problems on both comps, I can't even download more music onto the iPod. :) HDD2189 worth around $100 - I'd like to replace it with a Fujitsu MHU2100AT 100G one - sells at $180. The MK1504GAL is not listed, but the replacement Toshiba MK4004GAH - 40G disk is around $160. I purchased these items online, so this article will continue... I'm planning to install Mac Os X 10.4 Tiger with the new disk :)