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I usually hang around somewhere, and someone shows a cool app or movie I want to get, as soon as I arrive home :) So for remotely downloading via bittorrent, i use these steps: 1) ssh to my mac box with any console application 2) type "cd /Downloads" 3) type "wget" 4) type "open /Applications/Bittorrent.App &" if Bittorrent.App is running, it just simply adds the file to it, and starts the download.

I'm using MySql for a small project as the database backend with the MySql Connector for .Net by MySql AG. (this was done by ByteFX formerly) and found out that however the tables were created to be UTF-8, INSERT and UPDATE were failing on special (Hungarian, Russian etc.) characters! After some RTFM, I found the appropriate solution: add the charset=utf8; part to your connection string, and everything will be nice and lovely :)