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I took some time on the Easter-weekend, and redesigned the blog css to be similar to the main page. After some tweeking, it was working superb on all OS X browsers, but when i watched the site under Windows, IE simply got mad from the semi-transparent alpha-blending which i use on the homepage as well - without error: but here it simply ate up all CPU, and you were forced to quit the browser. A big sorry to everyone who saw this error :D

porcupine tree - mellotron scratch iron and wine - free until they cut me down paul schwartz - dido sophie zelmani - hard to know dove - firesuite kasabian - ovary stripe Update: OH MY GOSH guys I've found the best _legal_ mp3 download site ever! I've purchased all the above from!

For testing purposes - and to get to know more about how Wordpress is doing it's business - I've re-created my personal homepage under - using the same database and engine what I have on this virtual site. *this post is a stub, it will continue when more steps of this progress will show up to the public :) *