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1) Download Cygwinx64 installer 2) Run the installer, and add the packages:
All other prerequisites will be selected automatically. 3) Run Cygwin terminal as administrator 4) Run the command
ssh-host-config -y
5) Create a unique windows user for uploads with Server Manager 6) To let Cygwin 'see' the new user, run:
mkpasswd --local > /etc/passwd
mkgroup --local > /etc/group
7) Create /home/newuser/.ssh folder, and upload / generate keys for the new user. Don't forget authorized_keys from the repository.  8) Login as the new user, and run the following:
chmod 700 .ssh
chmod 600 .shh/authorized_keys
9) Edit /etc/sshd_config (I usually use the following settings):
Port 22
AuthorizedKeysFile .ssh/authorized_keys
PasswordAuthentication no
PermitEmptyPasswords no
UsePrivilegeSeparation sandbox 
10) Restart sshd via mmc -> Services  

Recently, I did a reset on my Windows 8(.1) phone, and after everything was successfully restored from the backup, BUT the Google accounts. The Google account said in a notification that it needs my attention, but afterwards clicking on the resync button just got me back to this message after some time, so it was an infinite loop. I was searching around the interwebs, but found no answers to this problem; but then I remembered, that I've secured my Google account with 2 step verification, and it listed my phone as a valid device. But after the reset, something must have changed, and it was no longer the same device for Google. The solution was, to open Internet Explorer on the phone, and go to to reset this binding by logging in to your account, and re-enable the device. Afterwards returning to Settings / account I could modify / add new Google accounts.    

Today is not my day - working with standard database management functions gives me more application errors as if I were typing blindfolded in Visual Studio and pressing F5 :D Today’s second googlely-clickitry-click-hotfix-install stopper was a lovely error, when I tried to get a Table usage Report from a database: System.Xml: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Nice! Impressive! Informative! :D Of course it was reported before, and a hotfix is avaliable, so I’m just writing for the magnificent MS mailservers to handle me the download link… well it lasts for 15 minutes now (I’ve checked the spam folder…:) )

For some unknown reasons, using Google Mail or Google Mail for your domain with Windows (Live) Mail is a configuration hell. However, as I’m the proud author of ChromeMailer, on some occasions I need to use a real mailer program, for example sending multiple files (which was a true pain in the ass with the web based Gmail since last week), or sending Html mails with inline images.

If you set up your Gmail account according to Gmail Help, it will simply not work, Windows Mail will keep you entertained with silly error messages like  “This could, for example indicate a lack of memory on your system” and other nonsense error messages.

The only working setting is the following:

1) Your IMAP server is not (and instead of

2) Your SMTP server’s port is 587, not 564.

3) Under the IMAP tab, you should uncheck “Store special folders on IMAP server”

Now you can re-sych your accont, and finally you are able to check your emails :)