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I’ve recreated a website for my friend using the Joomla portal-framework, the successor of the late Mamboo portal-engine. I personally think it is a bit over-rated, not an easy-to-use system at all.

One huge error I found with the 1.5 install: the search got mixed up somehow, and it failed with the following error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method SearchHelper::checknohtml() in /plugins/search/content.php on line 254

..and of course there were no checknohtml() functions in any of the directories.

So i’ve downloaded the last stable version, and found out that originally, this function must live in the ~/administrator/components/com_search/helpers/search.php file. So i’ve just copied over the old file, and voila: it’s working.


Comment by Alan

Thx for the tip. I had a problem too, i have only deleted the line to solve it, but i lost the content search. Now i´ve back it up and made the changes you´ve typed... and works fine. Thx.

Comment by Sebastian P. Griffith

this doesn''t work for me either, I ended up backing everything up and reloading the OS ( 12.04 ) on my server. I ran through this basic set-up using two domain names, creating and enabling one then the other. the document root is not being used for either domain names, always going to the default index file, and im guessing the default web server.