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Installing Chromemailer does NOT mean you've set it up! Please go to Start menu -> Programs -> ChromeMailer and run ChromeMailer.exe!

You can always find the executable under (your install drive, usually C:) Program FilesSkaelede OnlineChromeMailerChromeMailer.exe

People keep asking me, why do they need to use ChromeMailer, how it differs from the good old registry hacks? Here's the technical information: ChromeMailer modifies the default mailto: handler in the registry (HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT || HKEY_CURRENT_USER mailtoshellopencommand), as the good old registry hacks do. If a computer is a stand-alone one, it will use the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT,if it's in a domain it will use HKEY_CURRENT_USER. (others' settings will not be affected - only if the user is logged in as a Domain Administrator.) The true difference between the other registry-hacks and ChromeMailer is, that it sets the handler to itself, and rewrites the mailto: parameters. A valid mailto: is like: If you pass Gmail URL + mailto: params directly to Chrome (or any other browser) in the registry, with %1 parameter, it will truncate some parts of it, because 2 question marks will be in the URL, and it's not permitted without UrlEncode: so anything after the second will miss. For example: would show up a window with the to address filled, but subject missing. Parameter rewrite is the reason for UAC error on Vista, i don't have $399 to to buy code authentication for my *free* app. So for a user request, in version 0.2 I added the possibility to use this "truncated" mode, so it will not show up any messages, and will work in 80%... :)


Comment by Ted Monsone

Actually ChromeMailer does NOTHING!!!!!! I installed it and there was nothing new in Chrome when I ran it. You should at the very least have a screenshot of what Chrome should look like (icon of some kind somewhere) and / or how it''s supposed to work.......

Ted Monsone
Comment by Bálint

Dear Ted,

I think you''re totally missing the point of ChromeMailer. It is a gateway program, which has a user interface for configuration, and a command line shell for sending the required parameters to the Chrome browser via the registry, if any mailto: links are clicked in any browser (instead of starting a new, confusing configuration session with Windows Mail etc.)

Comment by Allyson

But I think Ted''s possibly poor worded point was that there IS no difference. Not in appearance or whatever, but mailto: links are still opening in Outlook. I don''t know about Ted but I''m using Vista.

Comment by Bálint

Allyson, what edition of Vista are you running?

Comment by Amitab

Sadly, this program doesn''t work. I just don''t get why Google wouldn''t have this as an option?!

Comment by David Evan

I found the same behavior in XP: nothing is different. Microsoft Outlook still coops the mailto. No configuration screen ever appears for your tool.

David Evan
Comment by David Evan

Actually I figured it out. When I downloaded and ran the chromemailer installer it did not auto-launch the chromemailer configuration window in Windows XP. Fortunately the chromemailer installer did create a Windows XP startup menu entry - from here I was able to access the chromemailer configuration window and setup chromemailer successfully.

I don''t know what the behavior would be in Windows Vista since I''ve successfully kept that operating system out of my life.

David Evan
Comment by Bálint

Well, I''m glad to hear it :)

Comment by Bálint

Sadly, it does. Try running Program Files Skaelede Online ChromeMailer.Exe! :)

Comment by Bálint

There is! Try running Program Files Skaelede Online ChromeMailer.Exe!

Comment by Thomas Ljung

Tested it in Win7 with the sad result that it does not work - Chrome opens a window with the URL = "mailto:[mailadress] and soon after this, Outlook is opened.

Comment by Bálint

I did''t have time to put my hands on a Win7 install, so stay tuned!

Comment by Roop

I installed this on Visa 64big Home professional, but it did nothing. The registry hacks did nothing either. I have not been able to find a way around Outlook 2007 or windows Mail. It always pops up on Chrome. It is sad that Chrome cant use gmail as the default mailer.

Comment by Bálint

Hi, so it worked, but you want to return to Outlook? Read the other post on uninstalling!

Comment by Matt

I actually would love to get chrome mailer to work. I installed it on my other (XP) machine & it worked great. On my other (also XP) machine, when I try to click on a MailTo: link or Mail from a document (i.e. - from a PDF in Acrobat), I get a message telling me something to this effect: "Your mailer is configured incorrectly or does not exist, please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default...." Of course, this is not the exact wording, but I would like ChromeMailer to work because my whole purpose is to avoid Outlook at all cost! (Outlook=hate it!, gMail/Chrome/ChromeMailer=Love It!).

Thank you so much!

Matt Anderson,
Riverside, CA

Comment by Bálint

Hi Matt, there must be some difference between your two XPs. Are you in a domain?

Comment by Mark


Just installed on Vista and although I have put my Google Apps domain in to the .exe, it is still directing to my standard gmail address, not the apps address. Any ideas where I''m going wrong?

Comment by Peter

It works ok, but it opens an extra tab, before correctly opening my gmail compose mail.

I like the program thanks for putting it together.

Comment by Dresandreal Sprinklehorn

Works perfect in Windows Vista Home if you read the instructions. Don''t be a know-it-all and skip them. :) I have been guilty of this myself a few times.

Windows User Control will nag you if you want to continue or not when you click on mailto: links. No way i know of to stop it without disabling the User Control. I don''t recommend that.

Dresandreal Sprinklehorn
Comment by copa

Hey Bálint , Chromemailer is a usefull tool, thanks a lot for sharing it.
Do you see a chance to make it work with ChromePlus (a Chrome-Fork that embedds mouse-gestures and has removed Googles home-calls).
Actual situation is: ChromeMailer catches the mailto:Links but then it opens a Chrome window instead of opening a new tab in my ChromePlus

Comment by Toolbox

If I right click on a picture, select sent to, then mail, it tries to open outlook.. How do I get around that?

Comment by Sirion

it works :)

win7 needs the make the registry entry first regfile and the option to prevent uac but then it works... like a charm

just download it install it then run it! follow instructions and you''re good to go

so far all of the examples at

work just fine

Comment by Bálint

look, that''s not a mailto: handler, that''s a unique system call. I''ll investigate it if I''ll have some spare time in december

Comment by Bálint

Sirion, that sounds interesting - I''ve just set UAC to be in a "no black-blackground-just-alert-mode", and it worked without all the yada-yada. Which version of Win7 do you use?

Comment by Jay

This works perfect, great little util that makes my life easier.. I dig it... BTW, from these posts it looks like you have to be smart enough to read the install directions. Its really not that difficult to click an executable and check two boxes. I am running Windows 7 64bit.

Comment by Ray


Thank for your Chrome utility! I am using it on a Windows 7 64 bit system, it works as intended.

I was going to manually enter the registry changes but decided to use the regfix file that you provided outta pure laziness ;)