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I think not I'm the one who has 1200' contacts, and after Microsoft mixed all my Skype, Facebook and MSN contacts' details, for some reason my Calendar has been flooded with - how to say nicely - not too particularly important individuals' birthdays. And even worse, it keeps begging for attention by sending 2-3 notifications about these events. The biggest problem with the new Windows Modern UI is, that it is really ineffective in a way to let the user change the settings. I'm a Windows user since I was 12, but I constantly has to remind myself that each Metro app must have a settings panel somewhere - from the UI perspective alone it is a complete VOID of options - and it is not self explanatory. tldr; by opening Calendar and going to the Settings charm menu (right side of the screen), from the top the second menu is "Settings" or "Properties" (my guess only - mysteriously this menu shows up as Hungarian on my machine, however I did *not* install any language packs or anything). There you'll find the Birthday calendar pane, where you can disable this feature.    


Comment by Greg Lambert

Thanks much for this! Makes me feel stupid that I forgot the "Calendar Settings" on the charm bar while in the Calendar App. I was getting pretty frustrated with birthdatys I don''t care about all brought via Facecrook.

Greg Lambert
Comment by Yamashita Kaito

Thanks for the info dude. This really helps.

I was quite shock when I checked my calender, it was full with my fb friends birthday, etc. And damn, I didn''t know how to edit it.

Yamashita Kaito
Comment by Kevin

Thanks for the tip...

Comment by

Thank you so much!!!! This really helped.
Comment by Debs

Thanks a lot, this was really irritating me!

Btw, the second down is ''options'' - hope you get the language issue fixed!

Comment by CSR_Tom

Thank you so much. The irony is I''d like to know when your birthday is so I can be grateful for your help on that day. All the very best! Tom

Comment by sarah

Oh my god, thank you SO MUCH. You have totally saved my sanity.

Comment by Lumi

I just wanted to say that the previous comment is SO TRUE!