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When rolling out ChromeMailer to the people on the wild internets, some reported problems with missing mailto: handlers in registry. If ChromeMailer redirected you here, please see the steps below to repair your mailto handlers.  NOTE: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CHANGES YOU MAKE IN YOUR REGISTRY! There's two ways to fix the issue:  1) Download fix_mailto.reg , (right click -> save as...) then double click it to install. It will recreate all required nodes. 2) Manually. Open Regedit (Start / Run... or in Vista type Regedit into search) click on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. right click on it, New > key, rename it to "mailto", then select mailto, New > key, create "shell", in shell, create "open", in open create "command", in command: New > string value .it will create a key named (Default), double click on the (Default), and enter the following: a) on Vista: C:Program FilesWindows MailWinMail.exe /mailurl:%1 b) on XP: C:Program FilesOutlook Expressmsimn.exe /mailurl:%1 This will reset the mailto: protocol handler to Windows default settings. If you now want to use ChromeMailer, simply run it, press 'Install as Default Mailer' and it will work as expected.